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Sam Dickie

Marketing // Coach // Athlete

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Sam’s introduction to the mountains began in 2013, when he was first attracted to the beautiful landscape of the Rockies for white water kayaking. Little did he know, the idea of exploring the maps of the Bow Valley would become more of a rewarding feeling than kayaking steep waterfalls. These maps eventually led him to strapping on crampons and roping up on glaciers to explore the high peaks known as the 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies. To keep himself conditioned for this pursuit, he began to run trails, which eventually took over his interest. In 2019, Sam entered the ultramarathon scene by winning his first race at the River Valley Revenge 100km in Edmonton, followed by a 5th place at Squamish, BC 50 mile and to cap off his season, a course record victory at the Golden, BC 120km. By conditioning his body through specific training and fuel he was able to do things he never knew possible and this became addictive. This led Sam to run  230km of the Icefields Parkway from Lake Louise to Jasper in a single push of 31 hours with only 7 minutes of sleep. Next on Sam’s agenda is doubling the distance and heading to the arctic in 2021. “The best thing about this sport is that there is no limit to what is possible and what your imagination can muster up”

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