Sam Dickie

Ultra Runner, Alpinist, Vertically Obsessed 

Sam has always had an interest in seeing what the human body is capable of. From paddling first known descent of class 5 waterfalls, to holding course records in 120km running races. Sam enjoys the humbling pursuit of chasing adventure in the mountains.

Self Portrait

Photo by my friend Jeremiah Marsh


Fall of 2019 I ran 25km in to Mt. Assiniboine than climbed it the following day with Matt, Luke and Colemen

This was my first race outside of High School, and decided to just jump right in to the ultra scene. The course was muddy, swampy, and had lots of bushwhacking. But after 14 hours I crossed the finish line in first place!


Local mountain just outside of Banff, Alberta. Matt and I attempted the summit in about -35 temperatures, and turned around becouse of it 

Fantastic course, loved running through the rainforest of BC. Had some IT band issues just over half way through the race, instead of catching 3rd place, I ended up falling back to 5th. Overall happy with my race, and how I dealt with the pain. 


The Golden 120km was definitely the best race of my 2020 season. Felt good from beginning to end, maintained a good energy and ended up taking 1st place, and holding the new course record


Photo of our bivy sight on the Columbia glacier, we had zero views on the summit and were navigating by GPS as visibility was 10 meters tops.

Myself standing on the south summit of Mt. Victoria. This was part of a two summit day, ticking off Mt. Huber after

Lady MacDonald

Favourite mountain to run in the Bow Valley

First 11,000er in the Canadian rockies. We climbed to the summit via the Silver Horn route, and had an incredible day with outstanding views of the Columbia Ice field 

Mt. Hector

Standing on the summit after navigating an incredibly crevasse filled glacier, punching through neumerous time up to our hips or deeper 

Mt. Assiniboine

Colemen walking down the summit ridge of Mt. Assiniboine "The Matterhorn of the Rockies".

Hitting a boof on Stella falls in Johnston Canyon, Banff. This is an incredible section of river, which I have lapped multiple times over my time in the rockies 

Mt. Aberdeen

Matt and Luke looking off at Mt. Temple, the king of the Lake Louise group while nearly on the summit of Mt. Aberdeen

I spent over a month in the Everest region in 2017, ticking off smaller peaks and running the high passes. Short film here

Everest Region

Standing on the summit after navigating an incredibly crevasse filled glacier, punching through neumerous time up to our hips or deeper 


Banff is one of the most ideal locations to live as a climber. When temperatures drop and trails are no longer attainable, the Bow Valley turns in to an ice climbing paradise 

in 2017 I lapped many of the steep beautiful waterfalls that is the main attraction for tourists to come to Banff  

In 2014, I finally ran a waterfall I have been looking at for over 2 years, and there has never been a known or recorded decent of it. After studying the waterfall in all river levels and seasons I finally sent my 2 year project and couldn't have been more stoked