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Run Your FIrst Ultra

From taking your first few strides to finishing your first ultra, this catered program is meant to take you to your limits and I'll be there to help from day one to the finish line. We'll build up your kilometres over time and when the day or race we have chosen upon comes, ill be there to set up the course, crew and pace you through it. At the end you will have finished something few people have done, an ultra marathon.


  • One on one personal coaching

  • Goal set together based on previous training

  • Tailored training plans 

  • Frequent contact

  • Regularly reviewed training

  • If no races (due to Covid-19) I'll create you a course in the Bow Valley and help pace and set aid stations as well as shoot photos to document the special day.


  • Have run distances around a half marathon

  • Strong mental ability to push through long runs

  • Determination and drive to push your body 


Apply to Run Your First Ultra

I am currently taking full time athletes! Fill out the form below and ill get back to you shortly.

Total cost to Run Your First Ultra is $150/month, Plus an additional $250.00 If you wish to have me; set you up a course, pace and crew you for your final event! 

Full time athletes who are apart of the "One on One Coaching" and "Run Your First Ultra" programs will receive discounted Form Analysis and Consultation

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