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Form Analysis

Running is an easy sport to do but a hard sport to master. Your VO2 Max means nothing if your form isn’t dialled. Hop on my treadmill in front of slow-motion cameras and we will break down your form over a 60 minute session. Together we can prevent injury and increase your running efficiency. At the end of the session you will have a solid understanding of an efficient stride and a more enjoyable running career.


  • 60 minutes with an experienced and certified running coach

  • One on one instruction and form analysis 

  • Footage to take home and review

  • Lactate Threshold test

  • Max hear rate test

  • Lower your chance of injury 


  • History of training and past running experiences 

  • Medical background questionnaire 


Sign up for a Form Analysis!

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Total cost of a 60 minute Form Analysis is $150.00

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