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Content & Social Media Goals - Summer / Fall 2021
With Sam Dickie 


My names Sam Dickie, I’m an Ultra runner, Alpine climber, coach and content creator. I live in Banff, Alberta and have been for the past 8 years. Living in a National Park has opened my eyes to how important it is to take care of these incredible places for generations to come and play like I have. I lived zero waste for over a year (until covid came and took bulk away) and minimalist lifestyle to reduce my impact on the environment around me. Living amongst these mountains has also inspired me to push myself and see what my body is capable of, while exploring the maps of the area. The pursuit has lead to me to climbing many 11,000ft peaks, kayaking 20ft waterfalls and running over 230km in just over a day. While exploring these areas, my mind is constantly looking for ways to document these incredible landscapes while I pursue the art of adventure in hopes it may inspire others to get out and see what their body is capable of as well.



"This summer I'm looking for the opportunity to put all my time into training and creativity in media with the Guru brand and product."


After being introduced to Guru by Julian, I was originally hesitant as I did not totally believe in energy drinks from a healthy living and coaching background. But as I looked into the brand, I was quickly sold by by the use of all organic, vegan and natural ingredients that is used in the product and how environmentally driven it is. Something I 100% believe in and support everyday, so I jumped on the opportunity. After following Guru for nearly 10 months, I loved the push for active and healthy lifestyle, especially that I'm a coach and thats what I preach. Moving forward, I would love to have a closer relationship with Guru. I love the vision Guru has created, and I would feel honoured at the opportunity to represent the company as I build up these last few months to tackle something the has never been done before- running 300 miles in 3 days from the Arctic Circle to Arctic Ocean. What I would be looking for is financial help, so I can put my focus into creating content for Guru, and training to set me up for success. The money would go towards; GoPro’s, Gas, Food, shoes and support to put all my time into into the project. Continue below to see in detail what I will provide and examples


Social Media

Through my social media I will portray to my followers that Guru is a crucial part of my training, racing and everyday life and that we share the same vision of sustainability and healthy living. I will market Guru through my social media, such as; posting to my feed, stories and IGTV, as well as pushing the brand around the Canadian rockies. I will also create training updates, and short films of running and climbing in the rockies.


 Sam on the Athabasca (Warm).jpg

I’ll tag Guru in all large accomplishments through out my training adventure. As well as many brand or product oriented posts.


I’ll increase the amount of Guru oriented stories swell as share what is happening in the Guru community. I will also tag Guru in specific events, such as; 100km PB attempt, 100mile training days and big alpine objectives.


My IGTV videos are higher quality but less frequent than other posts. They are planned out and strategically shot to the vision I’m looking for. With the opportunity, I’ll have more time to plan and execute higher quality videos and create more. All will either have the Guru product integrated into them or be tagged.

Short Films

Every year I create 2-3 short films, and the quality increases with every year. With the opportunity, I’d be able to focus more on quality and be able to create a minimum of 2-3 over the course of the summer months leading up to the Arctic. All films Guru can have full access to and will have Guru product or logo featured

Product Content

I’ll provide - Images and photos with the Guru that you’ll have full access to. I’ll open a Google Drive where I’ll dump weekly content with Guru product

Examples Below



Financial support - Ill be able to put more of my time into executing my media plan, and doing so at the best of my ability. The support will go towards - camera gear, editing software, travel, time invested etc… 


Time for me to focus on my training and set me up for success in the Arctic


A platform to display my creative drive and document my story seeing what the human body is capable of.


Lots and lots of Guru’s



3 short running / climbing related films based out of the Canadian Rockies (Minimum)


Weekly product content 


Endless Social Media posts such as stories, posts and IGTV


Setting a Guru Athlete up for success on an expedition thats never been done before. While promoting healthy and sustainable living.


Marketing the brand through an athlete who shares the same values 


Thanks so much for taking the time going through my social media and content pitch. I hope we can figure something out that will benefit both of us. I'm also open to discuss more ways I could work with Guru. Til' then, I'll continue to enjoy the product! 

Thanks again! 

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