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Birthdate: May 4th, 2020

Breed: Red Merle Border Collie

Weight: 38.6 lbs

Profession: Trail Running, Skijoring, Mountaineering

Furthest Distance: 44km

Avg Weekly Distance: 80km

The Story

Miya and Sam's journey began when Miya was only 7 weeks old. Sam picked her up in a small farming community in central Alberta and brought her home to the Rocky Mountains of Banff, where her life of adventure began. Over the past 2 years. The pair have traveled from coast to coast. Summiting mountains and and running deserts feeding off each others energy and love for the trails. Miya has been Sam's #1 training partner as he travels North America competing in Ultra Marathons. On top of Miya being an incredible trail friend. She is also Sam's emotional support dog and the two of them are rarely seen without each other.

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