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Berg Lake Trail

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

The Berg Lake trail in Mt. Robson provincial park is known as one of the best backpacking routes in Canada. Its about 40km return from the trail head, and is packed with multiple steep switch back climbs, beautiful waterfalls, river crossings and ends at Berg Lake, which is a high alpine lake with a glacier tong falling into it. In mid July we had tons of rain, and was only calling for more on the day I was going to run it. I ended up continuing to run it despite the weather calling for hard rain. The trails were extremely wet and muddy, but didn’t stop me from enjoying the beauty of Mt. Robson. When I arrived at Berg lake, I had zero view of the mountain as it was totally covered in cloud. But the trail was so beautiful that it didn’t even matter. My total time to Berg lake return was 3:49 minutes, happy with it considering the muddy conditions!

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