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Golden 120 - Beginning months of Training

Almost 2 months ago, I clicked the submit button, and registered my self for my first 120 km running race, in Golden BC. Since than, I have felt nothing but excitement, and have had no shortage of questions about why Im putting my self through this. “ You know, no one is making you do this right?”, “And this is something that you think is fun?”. Or just people telling me that Im just F*cked. To be honest, when I think about lining up on the start line with 120km and 6000m of elevation gain in front of me, the only feeling I get is excitement and giddiness. Maybe its because Im not sure exactly what I’ve signed myself up for yet? In my mind Im stoked to see that my body is capable of moving for that long, over the rugged challenging terrain of the Rockies. Almost 2 months in to my training and Im pretty happy with it so far, logging 100km + weeks, and nearly 20,000m of elevation gain. I know Im most likely further away with my fitness than ill need for the race, but am happy with the progress made and stoked to see where it will go in the coming months when the trails dry off, and thew more challenging training begins

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