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50 Mile

Saturday August 17th, I was up at 3:15 am, putting on my running kit, and headed out the door for a quick 1.5km warm up. I felt good. Felt like I was floating and each step was effortless. I knew from that point on it was going to be a good day. When I returned to the bob from my warm up. My crew; Lexie, Colemen and Her already had my coffee and egg sandwich ready for me. Her stretched my legs out, gave me a quick pep talk. Than out the door we went to the start line. @ 5:30am the gun went off, and I just made it by a quick sprint from the bathroom to the start line! The first 10 km was fast. Finished it in 42 minutes. I went off in 6th place and by the time I got to AS 2 I was tied for 5th. The next 30km super hilly, fun single track trail, I was feeling alright, stayed pretty strong and was pulling away from 5th and catching 3rd. Coming in to the Quest University AS, I was feeling good. Stoked to see my crew, stock up on some gummy bears, snack some Tim bits, than away I went. Shortly after, I felt a start pain shoot down the outside of my right knee, and it only got worse. It got so bad that I was nearly in tears from the pain it was causing every step. When I arrived at the last aid station before the finish line (65km in). One of the medics took a look at my knee, gave me two ibuprofen extra strengths, and said my IT band was so inflamed it was rubbing against my femur every step. I continued, and pushed hard up the last few hills. Filling over 3000m of elevation gain, then descended to downtown Squamish to the finish line. Completing the race in 8 hours 37 minutes and 5th overall and 3rd in my age group. I stuck around for a burger and beer than headed to the bars to celebrate. What an awesome day! Wish I could have completed it closer to 8hrs and injury free, but heres hoping too sign up and try for it again in the next couple years!

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