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Project Description
Meet Sam Dickie, an ultra runner who has battled with depression for years. Running has become his escape and his therapy. But this time, he's pushing himself further than he ever has before. Come September, He's running the Divide 200, a grueling 325 km (200 mile) race that tests even the toughest runners. But for Sam, it's more than just a race. It's a chance to prove to himself that he's stronger than his struggles. Sam is no stranger to this course, during an FKT attempt of the 1,100km Great Divide Trail in 2021, he ran nearly 300km before running into a cougar leaving Sam to fight for his life with bear spray before rolling his ankle fleeing the scene. He managed to escape, but the experience left a deep mark on him, symbolizing the challenges he faces in his battle with depression and confronting his past in the first 200 mile running race in Western Canada

The Story
This is the story that ultra runner Sam Dickie took to run the first 200 mile race in western Canada. Beginning by finding the sport of ultra running through his lifelong battle with depression, which lead to success in his debut season in 2019 and in 2020 becoming the first person to run the 230km Icefields parkway. The high and relief from depression all came crashing down in 2021 after he got attacked by a cougar during an FKT attempt of the Great Divide Trail. The event returned him to the dark place in his mind where he started.  Sam had to rediscover the love for running, with the help from his dog Miya, and returns by toeing the line at The Divide 200 mile race in September 2023 


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Full length documentary about my depression, cougar encounter and FKT attempt of the GDT. My comeback and return to the Divide 200 mile. Documentary will be premiered at a local bar in Banff and goals of reaching Banff Mountain FIlm Fest and other festivals around North America 

Social Media / YouTube

You'll receive:

10 images from the race with companies product. 

2 x Instagram Reels (featuring Guru, TNF products):

- Reel going into the race showing all the training and work put in to get to this point 

-Reel of Sam racing the only 200 Mile race in Canada and first 200 mile race in Alberta

Stories leading up and during the race tagging Guru and TNF 

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After nearly 14,000 hrs of recorded training in the Canadian Rockies, I feel as though it's all coming down to this 200 mile race. I have enjoyed working with Guru in the past, and this is another fantastic opportunity for us to continue to work together, and and to support a Canadian athlete in one of the longest running races in Canadian history.

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