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Zero Emissions

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10,100 + km's of Driving  //  1,100 km's of Running  //  3 Races  //  0 Emissions 


The Triple Crown of 200s consists of three 200-mile races run consecutively over four months (Tahoe in mid-June, Bigfoot in August, Moab in early October) — making this epic feat the ultimate ultra challenge!




“Though Sam started the year with the challenge of a two-month injury, 2023 emerged as a phenomenal year for Sam. Marked by a series of remarkable achievements in record-breaking runs, podium finishes, and setting new fastest known times, Sam was undeterred by his injury, and displayed immense resilience as well as his unparalleled athletic ability.


Amidst the process of healing Sam designed a rigorous 7-week training schedule that resulted in Sam accomplished the following feats:

- Established two new fastest known times (FKT’s)

- Conquered Tunnel Mountain in Banff within 24 hours, covering 140km and gaining an impressive 10,000m of elevation, all while fundraising for POW Canada.

- Successfully solo'd St. Nicholas Peak.

- Took on the challenge of setting the fastest known time on Mt. Diadem.


Sam achieved all of these milestones while simultaneously preparing for the demanding Divide 200 Mile race in September. His dedication to recovery and training yielded extraordinary results. Notably, Sam secured a remarkable 2nd place finish at the Divide 200 Mile, clocking in at an impressive time of 52 hours and 16 minutes. This achievement stands as the 5th fastest recorded time in any 200-mile race across North America, underscoring Sam's exceptional talent and commitment to excellence.

“2023 was one of the best years I’ve had as a runner….”



“Sam is once again putting both his own physical limits and world records to the test. Sam’s primary focus revolves around conquering the challenging Moab 240, a grueling race covering an impressive distance of 250 miles (384 km) scheduled for October. The entirety of Sam's running season is strategically oriented towards preparing for this epic event.


With a meticulous approach, Sam plans to strategically select local Fastest Known Times (FKTs) that closely mirror the distance and elevation profile of the Moab 240. In addition to these benchmark runs, he has incorporated a 100-mile race into his training regimen. This particular race holds a significant role as a valuable practice opportunity, allowing Sam to refine and enhance his skills in preparation for the ultimate challenge – the Moab 240 on October 11th.


This is where the Zero Emissions project starts. With a pilot project sharing his journey to this race, Sam and his film team will be documenting both his training efforts and the race itself to share his results with our communities.


Continuing his training from his September 2024 race, The Zero Emissions project will be in full force in mid-June, when Sam aims to complete the Tahoe 200. The excitement doesn't stop at the finish line. Sam’s monumental quest to conquer the Triple Crown of 200's—three races spanning over 1,100 miles of heart-pounding running action will be the ultimate display of endurance, determination, and adventure.


Over the course of a thrilling 8-month film project, Sam and his dedicated crew will capture every step of this epic adventure, ready to share the highs, the lows, and the extraordinary environmental efforts involved in achieving a zero-emissions Triple Crown. 


This mini-documentary promises to be more than just a film; it's a front-row seat to the making of history and an inspiring testament to what can be accomplished in the junction between adventure and environmentalism.

Zero Emissions Project


Conquer the Triple Crown of 200s, running over 1,100 miles within a 6-month timeframe while covering 6,200 miles between races emission-free. Utilize an electric vehicle (EV) and rooftop tents to promote self-sufficiency for remote training while minimizing environmental impact—saving over 2.4 to 2.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions associated with both races and training logistics. This objective aims to resonate with a broad audience, encouraging mindful decision-making with a positive effect on the environment.


Capture the heart-pounding journey as Sam conquers the Triple Crown of 200s, spanning over 1,100 miles through diverse landscapes. Through a documentary lens, showcase the physical and mental fortitude required for this feat while emphasizing the importance of environmental responsibility. Utilize a rugged electric vehicle and rooftop tent to highlight the interplay between technology, determination, and the pristine beauty of nature. The documentary is not just about races; it's a visual testament to the harmony between human achievement and the preservation of the planet's natural wonders.


Create a three-part documentary series following ultra-runner Sam Dickie's preparation for the Triple Crown of 200s. Each episode centers around a challenging race, showcasing the physical and mental fortitude required. The series delves into Sam's unique life within a national park, exploring the impact of humans on the environment. 


The narrative questions the modern lifestyle's impact on our primal connection with the Earth. A central theme is the use of an EV, aligning with environmental stewardship. The series challenges perceptions of mountain sports, offering an alternative approach to enjoying the mountains sustainably. 


The captivating documentary serves as a call to action, inspiring viewers to deepen their connection with the Earth and commit to its preservation. The series will be far more than just a running adventure; it's a transformative exploration of our place in the natural world.





Key Project Points

  • Zero Emissions:

    • Utilizing an EV will contribute to a completely zero-emission journey, aligning with the global push towards sustainable transportation solutions.

  • CO2 Emission Savings:

    • The project is estimated to save over 2.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles, making a significant positive impact on the environment.

  • Environmental Stewardship:

    • The Triple Crown of 200s races take place in ecologically sensitive areas in the western USA. By using an EV, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint, showcasing our collective commitment to environmental stewardship.

  • Film Production:

    • We plan to create a three part documentary-style series that not only captures the challenges and triumphs of the races but also Dickies growing connection to the land from ultra running and the responsibility he feels to protect it. While emphasizing the importance of sustainable travel. This film will be widely promoted across various media channels, offering valuable exposure for all companies involved.

Short documentary style film on Sam, By Pat Hoffman and Philip Forsey



May 1st - 31st 

Registration for the Triple Crown of 200’s

September 26th

Drive south to Moab to heat train for 2 weeks

October 11th

Race the Moab 240 Mile



May 1st

Acquire EV for the beginning of the 6 month lease 


May 1st - June 7th

Train in the Canadian Rockies using the Solterra as your use for transportation


June 7th

Travel 1,957km’s south to Lake Tahoe from Banff


June 14th

Start of the Tahoe 200 Mile - First Race of the the Triple Crown


June 18th - August 4th

Return to Banff and continue training for 7 weeks 


August 5th

Drive 1,170km’s South to Mt. St. Helens - Start of the Bigfoot 200


August 9th

Beginning of Bigfoot 200 - the second race of the Triple Crown


August 13th

Return to Banff to train in the Rockies for 8 weeks


September 27th

Drive 1,914km’s south to Moab to begin heat training for 2 weeks 


October 11th

Start of the final race of the Triple Crown - Moab 240 mile 


Miya, is a  3 y/o border collie with the title Crew Chief is one of the most important additions to the crew. Miya is Sam's #1 adventure buddy, running mountains and ultras by his side through the Canadian Rockies with boundless energy. On top of her leading the way on the trails, she's also Sam's support dog, and the two of them are rarely seen without each other.  

Nic Groulx
Crew Chief / Photographer


Nic has been a constant presence in Sam's journey since he made history as the first person to run the 230km Icefields Parkway in 2020. Throughout the past four years, they've traversed Canada together for races and various running projects. In witnessing Sam's highs and lows, Nic has become attuned to Sam's needs, almost telepathic in understanding without the need for spoken words. Nic's unwavering support is a crucial element in Sam's success in any project.

Philip Forsey


Philip is a highly skilled filmmaker with extensive experience freelancing and editing for Sherpas Cinema, one of the most creative and inspiring adventure filmmaking production companies. He collaborated with Sam on shooting a documentary during Sam's 2021 attempt at setting the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the Great Divide Trail.

Andrew Thomas
Pacer / Crew

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 1.22.16 PM.png

Regardless of his sleep deprivation, Andrew's infectious upbeat personality uplifts the team and maintains high spirits during multi-day adventures. In September, during the Divide 200-mile event, Andrew dedicatedly paced Sam for over 100 km through challenging, steep terrain, ultimately assisting Sam in securing 2nd place.

Tyler Williams
Pacer / Crew


Regardless of his sleep deprivation, Andrew's infectious upbeat personality uplifts the team and maintains high spirits during multi-day adventures. In September, during the Divide 200-mile event, Andrew dedicatedly paced Sam for over 100 km through challenging, steep terrain, ultimately assisting Sam in securing 2nd place.


"The Destroyer of Worlds"


The Crew:

Throughout the project the Sam and the crew will be posting stories, reels and in-feed posts showcasing Sam’s training, preparation, travel and of course the race’s and project itself. Throughout the 6 months the crew will tag all companies involved with the project to maximize their exposure through social channels. 


Sam Dickie: 4,284 followers

Nic Groulx: 1,701 followers

Phillip: 2,944

Andrew Thomas: 

POW Canada:

Protect Our Winters Canada will also be featuring not only the fundraising efforts, but the zero emissions effort and the extended training and race results as we progress between 2024 - 2025. 


Together with the POW Canada Science Alliance and marketing team will work on a press release and two blog posts both launching and wrapping up the project, shared on These two blog posts will be shared as in-feed posts on POW Canada’s social media channels, and in their stories as well. 


Additionally, POW Canada will be keeping their memberbase of 33,000 members updated as to our progress between June to October 2025 on a monthly basis. 


POW Canada Instagram: 31.7K

POW Canada Facebook: 4.5K

POW Canada Linked In: 1.6K

POW Canada member base: 33,572





A Note From Sam

From a physical standpoint, this project represents the most challenging endeavour I've undertaken, yet I am prepared and confident in my abilities to confront it head-on. Environmentally, this narrative holds the potential to resonate with a broad audience, motivating individuals to contemplate the environmental impact of their involvement in sports and encouraging more mindful decision-making with a positive effect on our environment.

Stories & Articles on Sam

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