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Custom Training Plan

An online fixed training plan is built for the average runner. Which is hard to do when all runners are all so unique. Let me create you a fixed 16 week training plan based on your event and your past Experience and training. We’ll have a phone call consultation where you can tell me everything about your self and your goal and you will leave the rest to me.


  • 30 minute phone call consultation prior to training, and after / before event

  • A entirely catered training plan built specifically for you and your event


  • History of your training and past running experiences 

  • Your event that you are training for 

  • Availability through the week to train


Sign Up For A Custom Training Plan

Total cost of a Custom Training Plan is $350.00, Including two 30 minute phone calls (One to help create the plan at the beginning, and one towards the end prior to your main event)

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